Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pre-Christmas Celebrations and Piano Recital

Here we are heading over to the trolley pick-up by Longs. We walk over there, catch the trolley and ride it over to the tree lighting ceremony at Castle Hospital. The kids like to make the crafts, get a flashlight, drink hot chocolate, eat popcorn and mini apples, and hear the bands and performers. This year, we went early (we actually left before the actual lights came on), but we had a great time and avoided a bunch of the crowds.After Taylor's hula class on Saturday, we went to Savers to look for a stuffed animal and a few other Christmas items. April Alexander asked is to look for an ugly Christmas sweater or a turtle neck. Here were some of the contenders.Jimmy has started a tradition of making ugly Christmas sweater-t-shirts. We all wore the one we made to the ward Christmas party 

The girls had their second piano recital. They played wonderfully! I could watch them all day. It makes me such a proud mom. It's wonderful to see how all their practicing and work has helped them to play pretty music. First, Taylor played "Oh Christmas Tree" then Carley joined her on stage where they played "Hungarian Dance" and then Taylor stepped down and she played "Carol of The Bells". We also got to see a bunch of friends there. The Gibsons, the Speeds, the Thorntons, the LaDukes, the Tyaus, the Morses, and others were there. Unfortunately, while we were there, TD's sister who has been struggling with cancer on the mainland passed away. Poor TD. She said last night that she hasn't worn make-up for two months because she has been crying for two months. It's hard to see her hurting. All of us friends were crying with her while people started the pot-luck after the recital while we were in the chapel. All of us have sisters too and can't imagine losing ours. What an unfair deal.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017


It was stormy as very windy the night before. I didn't sleep well. When Jimmy and I got up in the morning before the sun was up, I was not looking forward to having to get into cold ocean water! Everyone was dancing around when we showed up at the beach because everyone was cold! Luckily, I wasn't cold while I was swimming.The contenders with our bikes ready for the transition after the swim I don't have any pictures of the bike, but I felt great and i totally could have done the run if it weren't for my kneeHottubbing after the race at the Speed's houseI wouldn't have been able to do this triathlon if it weren't for Jimmy. He totally trained me, biked and swam with me, watched the kids for me, set up people for me to run with, etc. Thanks Hunny!


It was fun to get together with family this year. We, of course, had Jim and Lynda, but we also, Liz and John came down with their family and John Sr. and Deanne came too (John's mom and Dad). We got to eat in the back yard under the Ez-corner. Cousins togetherAnd the whole gangAunti Liz and her kin spent the night so we all got to eat beakfast togetherand then we went to the mall to try to do a small amount of shopping. We stopped by the pet store and the kids held a puppyplaying games up in Laos

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Turkey Imu

The ward put on the Imu again this year so we were able to bring Jim and Lynda cook our turkey again this year.The girls were determined to help this year, so they helped pass the turkeys Carley was also able to go early with Jimmy and helped chop banana trunks with a machete 

Grandpa and Grandma Fitzgerald Visit

We love so much when Jim and Lynda get to come and visit us. We love hanging out with them and love that they continue their relationship with the kids. They read to the kids, played at the beach with us, played cards and board games, etc. They are also the most amazing house guests a person could ask for. My house was actually cleaner because Lynda was always cleaning and helping with laundry. And both of them bought groceries and anything we needed. We will miss them being out here.

Snirkelingnwith grandma and grandmaLynda, Jim and Jimmy would work on genealogy sometimesPlaying Speak Out and laughing until I cried

Monday, November 06, 2017

Friends and Family

We have been trying to go to the mainland for Christmas, but it looks pretty bleak for actually going. We had tried to collect airline miles to pay for most of the airfare cost, but it didn't work out as well as we hoped. We can't really afford to just buy tickets out-right, so we might have to wait for another time and work on collecting more miles. I was pretty bummed. I really love my family and I want my kids to experience their cousins and their aunt and uncle's houses. I want them to know their grandparents and have them spend time with them. Hopefully something will work out, and if not, then hopefully we will be able to go for Spring break or for summer.

TD's sister's cancer is back and the prognosis is terminal. TD told us the news at book club and we all cried for her and her sister. Jenni used to be roommates at BYUH with Derrina. She also has 3 kids and is only 3 years older than me. It is so scary. It makes me want to see my siblings and family even more. It would be so hard to loose one of my siblings. I can't imagine it. The Speeds, Morses, and we will all be helping with the Thornton kids because TD is flying out tomorrow to help her sister. Derrina is currently in the hospital again.

Triathalon Training

The Thorntons are putting on a free triathlon in December that I have been doing training for. Jimmy has been helping and motivating me. I have been running (accept recently because I'm my calves/shins have been bothering me), and lap swimming, and have been biking more. This weekend, Jimmy suggested that we borrow TD's bike and go for a ride. She was gracious enough to let me do it and so we met up with John Speed and the three of us rode together. Riding abroad bike with different gear shifting and riding in traffic is new for me. I'm really glad we got some practice in and I could really use more. We rode about 13 miles. Then, Jenni, John, TD, Jimmy and I all went for an ocean swim. I always lapnswim in the pool, but my brother suggested that I practice in the ocean because of how different it is, and he was right. The visability is different, the navigation is different, and the moving water is different. It was very choppy and windy and it felt abbot like you were swimming in a washing machine, but overall, the swim and bike went well. Now the the kids are getting older and more independent, it almost feels like Jimmy and I are going on day-dates when we get to exercise together with out the kids. The triathlon has been a fun excuse to do these activities together. After the ocean swim, we hot tubbed, John made everyone eggs, and we talked and hung out at the Speed's house. It was fun.

Halloween Night

We got to celebrate Halloween night with the Morses and the Lanikai Gibsons. We walked around a very busy street that looped by their house. It was fun. The kids all got lots of candy and I ended up carrying Bubs by the end. Jimmy hung back with Nainoa and handed out candy.

We went to one of the houses that was decorated all spooky and this guy in the black robe and scary Halloween mask was out front scaring people. Bubs didn't really want to walk past him and Taylor was mouthing off/threatening him while Carley just didn't say much and just walked by him. Then, while we were up collecting candy by their door step, the spooky man snuck up behind me (honestly, he was so quiet that I didn't hear him at all) and startled me by growling at me from behind. We all had a good laugh. Then I had the kids take a picture with him. It was all in good fun.The spoils

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tad poles and Mud Cakes

I remember making mud pies when I was growing up in my little plastic wagon. I used to mash up sticks, leaves, rocks, tomatoes, grass etc in mine. This is one Bubs and I made together.Auntie Lindsay took some tadpoles home to let the kids and her watch them turn into frogs. They started to turn into frogs but they were having a hard time surviving, so I eventually let them go


The girls anxiously awaited the time they could finally get pumpkins and carve them. We always save and roast the seeds from the pumpkins.Taylor took pictures of Bub's face paint/Batman maskCat Woman, Harley Quinn, and Batman with friendsMy three cutiesWonderful friends (we actually attended two trunk-or-treats) This picture is from the second night at the Kailua Ward's trunk-or-treatRobin and The JokerThe kids doing some organizing and trading after the trick or treating. It works out well because some of the candy Taylor likes, Carley doesn't and vice versaBatman and his "muscles"