Friday, July 14, 2006

Carley got a new toy, one of those chairs that rolls. She loves it.

Carley likes to copy Jimmy while he makes a scrunchy face and sniffs in and out of his nose.

Jimmy decided to do "trimming" in the yard...:) ..there WAS a lilikoi vine, a hibiscus bush, and some yellow flowers on the vines. This little tuft of vine didn't survive the "trimming" either :)

Lynda, Jimmy's mom, came out to help us with Grandma. It was awesome having her out here. Carley had so much fun with her.

Grandma and Carley are great for eachother, they keep eachother entertained. It's cute because Carley just loves Grandma. She smiles at her all the time.

Help! My mom is tyring to put me to sleep!