Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is how we travel in hawaii. It's low cost and the kids love it. Carley loves to ride on the skateboard with her Daddy.
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Sledding was so fun! Carley didn't last too long, but we had a blast.
Carley warming up in the car after playing in the snow.
Here we are in St. George. It's cold, but not as cold as Northern Utah. We loved seeing the family. This picture is of Carley and her cousin Kaelyn playing on the swing in the front yard of Jimmy's parent's house. Jimmy was kinda evil. He would spin the girls in the swing, and then he would make the girls stand up and try to run across the yard. They were so dizzy that it was hilarious to watch them wobble forward :)
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Christmas morning breakfast is always something to look forward to. We had apple german pancakes, bacon, and the works!

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Every year my uncle Ricky dresses up as Santa Claus and gives us all Christmas Eve pajamas. This was at the big extended family party, the Sunday before Christmas. Jimmy looks like he might want Zoolander pajamas.

This was the first Christmas that Carley was able to open and appreciate some of her presents. Yeah! I think her Daddy was more excited about the blocks than Carley was though.
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Here we are at Grandma Hamill's house. We came up for Christmas. It was quite the climate change from Hawaii! Jimmy is being a "tough guy" with out a jacket or anything.

Uncle Curtis and cousin Lizzy were pulling Carley as she took a turn in the sled. She looks thrilled doesn't she? Man this kid is just too mellow sometimes:) Anyway, I didn't want her to get cold so I bundled her up in about 2 long sleeved shirts, a fleece jacket, 3 pairs of pants, the snow suit and 2 pairs of gloves. Mabe she was so expressionless because she couldn't move! I felt like she was the kid that couldn't put his arms down on the Christmas Story Movie:)
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Okay...So I know that I've been slacking lately on updating my blog. I am going to try to play catch up. I started with halloween and will try to work my way up to the present. So, here we go!
Jimmy has been growing out his hair. He claims that he's "trying to be like Jesus"--haha...yeah right! j/k Anyway, one day Carley wanted to do her Dada's hair. With a little help from mom, this is how it turned out. Jimmy was a good sport.
We do things a little different here in Hawaii. Thanksgiving mornings are BIG Turkey Bowl games. It's tradition! Here is Zach and Jimmy playing in our ward's Turkey Bowl. This year we went over to the Eror's house again and had emu'ed (cooked in the ground with coals, hot rocks and layers of banana leaves) turkey and pork butt, it was awesome. Then we hot tubed after we ate. :)
We spent 4 days on Kauai with our friends, The Speeds. It was awesome because interisland fares were on a $9 special so we decided to take advantage of it. This picture is of a mini "Grand Canyon" in the middle of Kauai. Who would have imagined that that was there? We got so sick on the ride up to the canyon! ..but it was still worth the drive. Jimmy even found wild guava on the trail.
A beautiful look out. Jimmy apparently likes it a lot, j/k :)
There were lots of amazing taro patches.
The Light house look out.

Our wonderful friends, the Utley's came out to visit. They used to live in Hawaii and they moved to Talorsville, Utah. This was a girls surfing session up on the North Shore. It was a blast having them visit!
This Haloween, we decided to fore go the Nacho Libre outfit that she and Jimmy wore last year. :) This year Carley wore a pretty fairy/princess outfit that Jimmy's auntie Moani sent for her. It was so cute, we loved it. She still wears the little yellow heels all around town.