Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love when we have get togethers with our friends. They are so fun! We are at Elizabeths house, having one more celebration before the birth of her new baby.
Carley's friends had dress-up dresses and she put on one. She was walking around like such a lady. I don't know where she picked it up(or mabe it was out of necessity), but it was so cute that she lifted her dress when she walked.
We love when the husbands bring out the guitars are start playing and singing.
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Grandma gave Carley a plastic tea set. It has been one of the best $1 gifts. Carley loves to sit down, cook "meat and rice" for her babies and feed them.
Brent, Carley and Jimmy are playing on the firetruck by the play place in the mall.
Sorry, I forgot to rotate this picture but I'm not changing it now. If you look closely on Carley's dress, you can see why Jimmy likes this dress so much. A friends named Aaron and Angie Payne gave us this dress for Carley. I like when she wears it...accept when Jimmy insists that she wear it to church.
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Carley has started to like boogie boarding. She asks me to push her into little tiny waves. I think it's so cute:)

She loves much that I have to limit how much she eats...for reasons that we can all understand when we eat too much fiber... But atleast they are good for her and she loves that they turn her tongue blue.
Here she is sitting on her dollie's red chair, inside the laundry basket, reading books. Kids are so creative.
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Okay, the face on this picture pretty much sums up what it feels like to surf on a pregnant belly, but it's still worth it :)
Can you see the little belly coming out?
Brent and Carley love to go to the beach. They buddy around while the moms are out in the water.
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My genius and wonderful friend Jenni (the one holding the boy on the left) started a surf club in her ward. She invites all these ladies, we pack up all the kids, throw the boards on our cars and mini-vans, and go surfing every thursday. Sometimes I wish she would have thought of this sooner! :) We take turns being on the sand and out in the water so that we can watch the kids. It's great! Now we wives get a chance to go surfing more often then the husbands because Jenni thought of this. I think the husbands are a little resentful at times, j/k. We have a great time being together as friends, we get to surf, and the kids love it too.

I guess in some ways I do wish we had thought of this earlier because I am on my last couple of weeks being able to surf. I just made 6 months being pregnant and I can't last too much longer. I am already kinda pushing it, and it's pretty uncomfortable but the doctor said that I wouldn't hurt the baby. She said that it will just getting too uncomfortable for me to continue for too long. I'm going to hold out for as ong as possible:)
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