Sunday, April 27, 2008

We were able to go to the Kokua Festival and see Jack Johnson and Dave Matheus. I couldn't believe how great they sounded live! TD and I even got a special treat. We walked in early to get a place on the grass for everyone while everybody else was taking care of parking. While we were walking in, we were on our way to the main area and we turned a corner and there was Jack Johnson playing on this little stage for the kids. He was so close! We heard him play 3 songs and he even invited the kids to come up and dance. Then he had to stop because the main concert was about to begin. We were so lucky!
TD, Liz, Jenni, and me.
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Here are Jenni and I waiting in line for merchandise.
What great friends Jimmy and I have. TD and Gavin gave us their extra ticket and graciously declined us when we offered to pay them for it. Jimmy didn't go, he took one for the team and stayed home with the kid. What a great husband.
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Here is TD, Jenni, and Me at another surf club day. They were able to go surfing and I got to hang out on the sand and socalize while the other moms took turns. I had decided to stop surfing because I was having a hard time not puking when I was laying on my stomach...but we found a way around that, hehe. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but this last Thursday, I couldn't resist trying to surf again. I had brought one of our really big long boards for another girl, and when she was done surfing I decided to try taking a turn. The waves were small so I decided to try. I lugged the board out to the water, threw it in the water, hopped on it while on my knees, and knelt while I paddled instead of laying on my stomach. It worked great! It was definately different trying to balance while paddling on my knees, turning around was different, and catching waves was harder, but it worked! ..and I would definately do it again. Looks like I won't have to stop surfing yet after all!
Here is my Prego belly at around 7 months. It's crazy because about 6 1/2 months, it just seemed to pop out. Now it just keeps getting bigger and bigger :) It does have it's benefits though, it's great that people can tell that I'm pregnant now instead of thinking that I just have a beer belly.
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People are so nice to us! This is a little hand-me-down bike that a friend gave us. Carley loves it so much and she is doing really well riding it. Don't you love the stylish sun glasses and the "Cheese" face?
At triangle park with some friends. She loves the twisty slides the best.
Jimmy is teaching Carley to do great tricks already. She will also stick out her tongue on-demand:)
BTW, what is it with Hawaiian people and them laying on the floor all the time? Did you know that Carley has a bed and she CHOOSES to sleep NEXT to it on the floor every night? She is just like her Daddy.
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Here are some more cakes that I made. This top one was for Jenni's sister's birthday.
This one was for a girl in my ward's baby shower.
This is the only way that I can get dinner made. Carley sits on the counter and helps me "cut" vegetables. She has a special knife that isn't sharp. Then she helps me put the cut veggies into the pot or pan. Getting dinner ready definately takes longer this way but I figure she is learning life skills ("women skills" <--as jimmy would jokingly call them :) and it's better than having a child pulling at my leg:)

Carley loves to play with play dough. This time we made snakes together. She scooped up the snakes and took them into the guest bedroom. I was wondering what she was doing, so I asked her. She put them on the bed and said that they were going "nite, nite". It was way cute.
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