Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jimmy took his mom on a hike with his boy scout troop on Saturday morning. He didn't know that it was going to be such a rigorous hike. It's a good thing Lynda is a pretty tough lady because it was quite a hike, so I heard.

They had a beautiful view of the Koolau mountains.

Just another cute photo of Jimmy and Carley getting out of the water.
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Carley has really taken to her Grandma. It's funny because it usually takes her a long time to warm up to people, but it took her only a half a day and now she chooses her over me sometimes :) "No, dramma (grandma) do it" she says:) Here they are walking back from the store.
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We had a family surf day. Jimmy is able to hang out with us a little more now that he is done with school for a bit. He took the opprotunity and came surfing with us on thursday. Grandma came too and even Carley got to go out surfing! She did pretty well out there with her little life jacket on. She eventually got cold so her Daddy took her in.

My belly is getting bigger! I'm 32 weeks (8 months) now... and still trying to surf:)
Paddling back in.
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Yeah! We finally made it! Jimmy graduated this weekend with his bachelors degree in the Travel Industry Management School at the University of Hawaii. (It's basically a business degree but it is more specified in Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, etc.) He is so happy to be done...accept that now he will be starting his masters degree soon. It's a never ending process isn't it? :) I am so proud of him. He worked so hard to get here.
We are at his departmental graduation ceremony. Isn't he handsome?
Lynda, my wonderful mother-in-law, has come out to celebrate with us. It's been a blast having her. Jimmy's Dad will be out soon too.
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