Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's crazy how having a baby can really put other things in your life on hold. So this is the first time I have blogged since before Taylor was born. Jimmy has been carrying that load all by himself, what a great guy :) He posted all the other posts since she was born until now. I'm slowly adding more things back into my life now. Wish me luck!
We went up to the visitor center for a family home evening. The Laie temple is so beautiful! Carley got to see the statue of Jesus and she was impressed by it. She even brought it up a week or two later when I was telling her about Jesus from one of her books. She said, "Yeah mom, do you remeber the Jesus statue?" She can now sing the songs: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, I am a child of God, Popcorn popping on an apricot tree, give said the little stream and others. It is cute :)
Jimmy is such a good Daddy. I am blessed to have him. He helps so much with the girls. I really don't know how other moms do it without their husband's help. Mabe i'm just a lightweight when it comes to taking care of the kids by myself, but I do appreciate him a ton! I swear, today I was trying to get ready for church while Jimmy slept because he was sick. I was on the toilet, going to the bathroom, while nursing the baby because she was crying, all while I was trying to entertain the other kid and let her brush my hair. Now that is multi-tasking!
This is what I spend a chunk of my day doing. Lately, I've been reading Twilight while I nurse. I am re-reading the book before the movie comes out on Friday. Yay! I'd like to give a shout out to all the Twilight readers!
Carley and I are getting ready before we go surfing. When we went out as a family this thrusday, she and her Daddy were on the board together going tandum and they caught a wave together. It scared her so they came in after that, haha. She is a trooper.
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Isn't she cute? She is so cubby, I guess it's hard to tell from this photo, but she has a bunch of little rolls and she is so squishy. I love it! She is consistantly in the 95th and 97th perentile for her height and weight. She is wearing 9 month old clothes and she just turned 4 months. Crazy!
Carley loves being a big sister. She asks to hold Taylor all the time and she is so helpful. She gets toys for her and gives her little kisses. I am very blesssed that she isn't a jelous, tyrant of a sister...yet?
Carley loves to play at the play area in the mall. It is the perfect place to go when it is raining. She loves this little bus and she is kinda territorial about it. She recruits other kids to come inside with her, and then she tells them to go sit in the back. It's hilarious. She does take turns in the drivers seat now.

Taylor is getting a personality. She smiles all the time and is such a good baby. Jimmy told me the other day that he loves Taylor so much, that he is glad that we have her, and that he wouldn't trade her....he just isn't ready to do it all again anytime soon:)
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