Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jimmy decided to do Carley's Hair this day. Can you tell what he used to make her pig tails? ...mabe this is why moms normally do the hair, j/k.
We were at pohakapu park and Carley was playing on this dinsaur structure. She decided that she would start jumping off the end of it and on the last jump, she fell and hurt her foot bad. Needless to say, we got to spend a few hours at the hospital while she got checked out and got X-rays. Luckily, she had soft tissue damage, but no fracture. She was weight bearing 3 days later.
Carley was able to shove herself into this little wagon and Brent thought it would be funny to give her a ride.
Taylor makes the cutes little bashful face when someone smiles at her. She will bury her face into my chest or in this case, the couch.
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My little puffed-brown-rice monster....cuz she can't have cookies yet:) She loves solid food! She lunges after any kind of food that anyone has. She has stolen apples and pieces of bread and sandwiches from friends and her sister. You better watch out, because she is ruthless.