Monday, April 06, 2009

Jimmy doesn't remember that when Carley was a baby, she said "mama" first. This is just for the record with Taylor :)

Jimmy and the kids playing sumo games...well, at first they were. I think it turned into everybody-get-Jimmy.

Taylor gets so excited to ride her little bike that she starts kicking her legs before I even set her down.
Jimmy and I went on a date! ...and it was the best kind of date, a FREE date! ..and it wasn't just a date, it was a COOL, free date. Jimmy's work gives him free tickets to attractions all around the island so that he can give people his opinions on the attractions when he helps tourists. We just recently found this out so we plan on taking advantage of it. This was a dinner cruise that took us from Honolulu to Waikiki. They had dinner, dancing, live entertainment and Jimmy even saw whales.
We did take Taylor with us because we were going to be gone for a while. It ended up being really funny though because there were quite a few Japanese tourists. For some reason, Japanese tourists find children that are really fair, fascinating. I think about 4 groups of tourists took pictures either with Taylor, or of Taylor.
There were polynesian dancers too.
The lights in the background on our way back to the harbor.
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Carley has been very into making houses out of cushions, cupboards, closets, boxes, etc. These are some of the "houses" she has made.
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Carley is such a good big sister. She is always looking out for Taylor and loves to make her baby sister laugh.
Carley's Auntie Marie bought her this pink coloring for her hair. Carley has been asking to dye her hair pink for a long time. She says that she wants pink hair because it is her faorite color and because she wants to look like Strawberry Shortcake. ..the only problem is, the hair coloring is SUPPOSED to wash out easily...unless your child has bright blonde hair...then, even if you wash her hair 3 times in the wash, it still takes a week to fade out.
It is amazing the positions she can fall asleep in :)
Who knew laundry could be so entertaining.
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A day at the beach.
Taylor eats EVERYTHING she can get her little fingers on...even sand :)
She is the happiest baby. She is so social that she smiles at everybody when we go out in public and people just think it is so cute. She actually stares at people and waits until they look at her so she can smile at them. What a funny kid.
Did I mention that she eats everything? Yep, she eats dirt too. At least she isn't a chocker. I found a part of a sippy cup filter in her diaper a while ago. Sheeesh, I couldn't believe that she swallowed that.
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