Saturday, November 14, 2009

Having T.D. out was so fun! It was like she never left. It was normal but weird at the same time to have her here. We played everyday. Her husband gave her one stipulation on her being able to visit Hawaii. It was that she couldn't go back home and be depressed about not being in Hawaii.... I wonder how she is doing....

Carley and Mya were two peas in a pod again. Carley still whines that Mya isn't here.

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When we got back from the mainland this monster squash was growning in our yard. The thing is humongus!
We got back just in time for Halloween and Carley got all dressed up for our ward's Halloween party. She was so jet lagged and tired from flying all night long, that she fell asleep in the car on our way to the party. She got wheeled around in the stroller while she slept.

The next night (which was actually Halloween) she got all dressed up again and we were going to our friend, Janny's birthday party/Halloween party/trick-or-treating, and poor Carley fell asleep in the car again! She got to sleep in the stroller yet again. She was bummed that she missed both parties, but she wasn't so upset when she saw the candy that Taylor had collected for her while she was sleeping!

Happy Birthday Janny! The Party was awesome. The coolest part was, was that T.D. was there. She moved to Washington a few years ago and all of us girls have missed her a ton. When I walked into the party, T.D. called my name and when I looked, she was holding a sign that said "I'm a suprise". I was so excited to see her that I fully started tearing up! We had a ton of fun hanging out for the week that she was here. It was like old times.
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My sister got married this summer and Jimmy and I were blessed to be able to go and visit the mainland so that we could be there. It was wonderful and I wish that I had more pictures of it, but my camera died and I didn't have the charger so I barely have any pictures of it! I'm bumbed that I can't show you a picture of my sister and her new hubby, but you can check out her facebook if you want to. Here is Carley in her cute dress for the wedding.

Grandma Georgene had some jealous grandkids. She couldn't just hold one at a time.
Here is a cool story! My sister got a bunch of tickets to the game show "The Price is Right". I have always wanted to go on the show. She invited her husband's family and her family to go so we got to go as a big group! Once the show started, my sister got picked out of the crowd and she actually made it up on stage! She didn't win her game, but she did win snowboards! Cool, huh? If you want to watch the show, it is going to be on the day before Thanksgiving. This picture is of my cousin and me.
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Carley LOVED hanging out with her cousins. Her cousins loved playing with Carley (and Jimmy) too.
We got to go to the beach in California. I forgot how cold it got at the beach and how cold the water is there. It just isn't like that in Hawaii!

We all stayed at my brother and sister-in-law's house. It reminded me of when I was growing up with having like 5 people in the bathroom, all getting ready at once. It was a blast! My sister also learned how to cut hair (not formally or anything) but she had lots of volunteers.

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