Sunday, August 08, 2010

There was a free fair that was called "The Green Jello Festival" that was put on by our stake. It was Aweome! I was so impressed that they could have an activity that was on this large of a scale. There was cotton candy, snow cones, 3 bouncy houses, a dunk tank, face painting, rock climbing, and more! The best part was that everything was FREE. My favorite kind of fair. They even provided dinner.
Carley climbed up the rock wall twice all by herself. She made it almost to the top of the wall both times. She is quite the climber. I was throughly impressed.
We waited in line for Carley to get her face painted FOREVER! It was so funny because these little girls were coming away from this booth with all of these elegant face painting and then when we almost got to the front of the line, they opened up a new table for the face painting because it was taking too long. Instead of the real face painter, Carley got a Young women that was like 11 years old who volunteered to paint, who painted Carley's face. I just smiled, because to a 4 year old, it didn't matter and she was just happy to have a butterfly face.

Taylor playing in the toddler area.
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Camping in California for the 4th of July. It was aweome to be there will all my siblings and their kids. The cousins had so much fun together. It was great to be by the ocean again.

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I got in to nursing school! Yay! I was one of 24 students that made it in! I start this month. I already had a financial aid meeting and it looks like the pell grant is going to cover my costs too. I feel like all of this has been such a blassing and that now is the right time for me to go back and finish my nursing degree. It is amazing what can be accomplished with Heavenly Father's help.