Sunday, September 19, 2010

I started nursing school about 3 weeks ago. Man, I can't believe that it has only been three weeks! I feel like I have already been in school an eternity! I am so happy to be there and I love the things that we get to learn about. The intensity of it all kinda kills me though. I don't know how I can do this for another 2 years. What a daunting thought! I know that it isn't just me that feels that the program is intense, just about everybody feels that way. I think the first week we all wondered how we were going to get through all of this, but we have survived the first 3 weeks and we will keep plugging away.

One day, I had a quiz, a 5-7 page paper, a power point presentation, a homework assignment, and a huge packet of worksheets (about 12) that were all due in one day. Needless to say, the night before, I did homework from about 2pm to about 12:00 am straight (I did go to the bathroom and eat some food, but you get the idea) to finish it all up. And this week, we had 2 huge tests (amongst other things), one of which we as students had been studying for weeks to prepare for it. We all killed ourselves to study for it and the highest grade in the class was a 76%. Wow....

So, right now, I haven't really folded or put away the laundry for about 3 weeks now and we pick up the house on the weekends. Dinner is always an adventure and life is just crazy. I do feel like I am getting more into the groove of things. I asked one of my teachers the first week if this was the workload that we could expect for the rest of the semester and she paused, thought for a second, kinda frowned and said, "um...yeah...this is about right." But then she said, "but it will get easier because YOU will adjust to the program." She was right. I guess that you just adapt to accomplish the things that you have to. Thank heavens for Jimmy's help, for crockpots and for Costco's frozen dinners. Sometimes I throw things in the crockpot before I leave in the morning (but then it cooks from 6:15am until 4:30 pm, which is kinda a long time), and sometimes I boil frozen raviolis or heat up other things from costco's frozen section :), I guess we do adjust.
Jimmy's life is crazy too because he is going to school, working and trying to survive getting around since I have the car during the day. He commutes downtown to the University of Utah and to work by either catching a ride from a friend, borrowing a scooter from the people we live with, or by catching the bus and tracks.

But I don't want you to think that I'm miserable, because I'm not. It is so exciting to think that I am actually on the path to becoming a nurse and this crazy time in our life is kind of an adventure. We have been blessed through all of this and everything has fallen into place perfectly. My girls also love being at their grandma's house a lot (she watches them for me while i'm at school) and it makes it easier for me to have someone else watching them since they like it. It would be hard to drop them off at the babysitters if they were crying about it everytime.