Sunday, January 29, 2012

This summer I got a job as a LPN. It has been an adventure to say-the-least. I knew that I was a new graduate LPN, an I knew that there was going to be a learning curve when I started working, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I only got 3 1/2 days of orientation an hit the ground running working full time. My first few days, I had to figure out how to change a urostomy dressing and a colostomy dressing, do a huge wound dressing, had to hang IV's, remove a skin graft an do all these other crazy stuff, all of which I had never done before. It was terrifying. It has slowly gotten better over time. I still don't know everything by any means, but I can function as a decent nurse.

Now I am back in school at Weber state and am still working acouple days a week too. Life just doesn't slow down. This is a picture of some other nursing students that I carpool with. It is probably about 3 am in this picture. I wake up at 2:15am so I can meet our carpool, and we drive up to Ogden (about an hour and 15 minute drive) and be there by 4:30am for our clinical. Luckily we only have to drive up to Ogden twice a week, and the second day, I only have to leave my house at 5:45. The rest of our classes are online.

Some of the carpool of nursing students.

A fellow nursing student that I went through my LPN with at MATC. She and I both got into this program together. We were stoked. I pretty much spend more time with her than I do my own family. We study together, go to class together, and drive together.
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Carley turned six. I know...can you believe how fast they grow up?? She had a friend and cousin party. We went to chuck-E-Cheese again ( I think the kids are wanting to start a tradition) and then bought little Cesears pizza and had cake at the house. We got these screaming coupons online that my sister-in-law introduced me to and we just bought really cheap tokens for Chuck-E-Cheese and let the kids go wild.

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Taylor continues to be my little budle of crazniess. She makes me laugh everyday.

Carley started taking ballet. She loves it and, I am fully aware that I am a bias mother, but she actually does really well. I love to peek through the classroom window and watch her because parents are only supposed to sit in on classes on the first lesson of the month.

Skateboarding Provo canyon trail. The girls still love to be on the front of their dad's skateboard. They ride the entire trail and take turns with who gets to go. My brother, his wife and their kids do the same thing. It is a blast.
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Christmas this year was so fun. My sister and her husband and my brother and his family were both able to drive up from California and spend it with us. These kind of holiday environments are the ones that I live for. I love my family. We all went to temple square to walk around and see the nativity and lights. We lasted about a half hour before everyone was so frozen that we had to go. This was the walk back to the car.

A family picture. Almost everyone was there. Taylor was passed out in the other room and I wasn't going to wake her up.

My sister Lin, sister-in-law Betty, me and my friend Nina. We all waited to see the new Twilight movie so that we could see it together. The husbands were all relieved that we wanted to go together because none of them wanted to go.

Opening Christmas presents at my mom's house. It was chaotic and awesome!
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