Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Mangos for stocking stuffers

Make-up, stuffed animals, sheets, a movie, and pajamas, etc. The girls got Frozen blankets and mugs from Grandma!

Bubbas got a little car from Grandma

We opened presents, ate breakfast, hung out, and then headed over to the Speeds to watch the Frozen Christmas Special that we were featured in!

Christmas Eve at the Morse's House

Christmas Eve with the Speeds, Thorntons, Morses, and Rahul
Merchants for the Luke 2 play
 Watching the Luke 2 play

John was the Donkey that didn't want to walk to the merchants that didn't have carpet

Eating an awesome potluck dinner

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aren't they angels when they sleep?

Gosh I love this little guy. Let me ramble for a minute about him. I've never enjoyed the baby stage as much as I have with him. He loves to make people look and smile at him. Right now he babbles mama and dada and buba, and sometimes I swear he says mama with meaning. He loves when jimmy comes home from work and yesterday, went crawling crying after him when jimmy tried to hurry to the shower (because he has pesticide on himself). He loves his sisters and loves to play in the dishwasher and pull all the silverware out of the basket. He likes to walk around using his walker and can now turn it directions he wants to go. He loves when people will hold his hands so he can walk the most. He is so quick to smile, loves to be tickled, loved and kissed. He even gives "kisses" back now. He opens his mouth and keeps it open while he puts his mouth over yours. I make a kissing sound and kiss him while he does it. It's so cute. He just turned 11 months and he is somewhere near 23 lbs. we go in for more hearing tests soon. He also loves the bunny and gets super giggly when the bunny runs around te living room. Carley has to keep the bunny from getting caught by him because he hasn't figured out how to be gentle yet. He eats mouthfuls of sand whenever we go to the beach, and then poops sand for the next few days. His eyes are a crystal blue with white fireworks in them. So pretty.

Aulani resort

Almost christmas. The decorations were beautiful.
Waiting for the concert and interviews.
There was lots of playing and hanging out in the hotel rooms.

  I love this guy!

Carley misses Utah

Over the past year, Carley has continued to have the hardest time transitioning the move to Hawaii. She misses utah, her friends, her school, her extended family, the snow, etc. lately, as Christmas has been approaching, she has had an increasingly hard time. The past two days she has been talking about it a ton and has shed many tears. 
Jimmy let her snuggle with him in bed last night, I talked to her and listen, and today jimmy took her for a walk. I also have been doing all I can to make the hi days special (i.e. baking pumpkin pies at night on a whim of hers, baking sugar cookies with her, making hot chocolate, decorating with her, etc.) 

Holiday hot chocolate for Carley and Taylor 

Notice that our tree only has decorations from about two feet from the bottom of the tree? That's because Bubbas keeps pulling them off or breaking them, so we keep them higher now :)

Aulani-Beaching it and playing in the pools

We spent a lot of time in the hot tub and pools

Playing at the resort's cove

There were floating platforms to play on

My kids aren't the only ones who like to eat sand :)

Monday, December 08, 2014

Magical Evenings

The evenings there were magical. It reminds you that you get to live in paradise. Malia, Taylor, and Carley holding hands.

Aulani Resort/ABC show

We snapped a few family pictures while waiting to introduce the band for the concert. We realized we were already in our family picture outfits.

Our little munchkins playing at the water park. When the camera crews want to film the kids playing there, Taylor was running and hiding from them! 
Bubbas, as happy as ever on the lanai of wayn's room.

Best. Surprise. Ever.

I was told we were going to take family pictures at the Aulani Disney resort the day after thanksgiving. When we showed up, these crazy guys, a crew of 60 people, cameras, producers, etc surprised the heck out of me. Of course jimmy was in on it (and thanks for being patient with me when I was being a pain because I really thought we were just taking photos) and we filmed a Disney  Christmas special for ABC in which they reunited families that hadn't seen each other for a while. It was the greatest to be able to see Wayne, have the cousins get reunited, and to hang out at the Disney resort for almost a week!