Monday, April 21, 2014


We have been experimenting with heatless curls. Sometimes at night, while Jimmy is reading to the girls, I will put their hair in either a headband and wrap their hair around it, or will put the knots in their hair. When they wake up, their hair is curly! I also do this on myself.

Carley has managed to find about 5 four leaf clovers. We don't know how she keeps doing it. She found one in California, one or two at a friend's house, and some in the yard here.

To help Taylor do her homework, we have been playing "Kitty" every time. When she is finished reading two lines of her story, I turn my hand into a little kitty. My middle finger is the head and the rest of the fingers are legs. It is so silly, but the kity tickles her and plays little games. It totally works with helping her with getting her homework done. She and I laugh everyday because of it.

Nole laughs now! It is one of the best sounds ever! He loves to try to talk and makes cute baby faces and sounds. He blows raspberries and makes "O" faces. He is close to rolling over. I am enjoying his babyhood so much. He is the easiest baby I have ever had. I just want to sit and talk to him, kiss his little checks, and play with him all day. I love that little guy so much! He makes me understand why other people get baby hungry.

Soon we move into the new house. We are so excited. I visited it yesterday. It has three bedrooms, a covered yard, and it looks awesome. We are excited for a place of our own but are so grateful for the thorntons too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Stay-In Dinner Date

Carley, Mya, and Taylor all put together a stay-in dinner date for us adults. They did a really nice job and it was really enjoyable. We even had live entertainment of dancing , violin playing, and  other classical music. 

After School Fun

Playing after school when Jimmy gets home from work. We all went to Lanikai and met up with the Gibson. There was a bit of rough-housing and a fun sand fight with Uncle Nainoa and Daddy.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Nole's Blessing and Carley's Baptism

I love this tradition! People are so loving here!

Carley's Baptism and Nole's Blessing

After the program, everybody came over to the Thornton's and we had food. I made four trays of enchiladas, rice, beans, chips, salsa and friends brought food too! It was filled with music playing and singing, kids jumping on the trampoline, talking , and laughter. What is better than being outside in nice weather, playing musical instruments and singing, laughing and talking, and eating food with people you love?

Carley's Baptism and Nole's blessing

We invited our close friends. First, Jimmy and the men gave Nole's baby blessing of which Nole slept through. Then, we had the baptism program for Carley. Mya and Leina spoke and I shared a spot light on Carley. I told of how Carley and Nole's outfits were made by their Auntie Lindsay out of my wedding dress. On that day I made special covenants and so will she today. It was like seeing her going to kindergarten for the first time. I can't believe she is growing up so much!  I also shared some of her "favorites". Her favorite Fruit-mango and peaches Activity- FHE with the thorntons Sport- swimming Flower- hybiscus and ginger Color- doesn't have one Food- pineapple pizza. I ask shared that she Iikes to dance on stage etc. 

It as neat to be the mom that got to support Carley on this big day for her. I got to help her get dressed into special baptism dress and do her hair special in the morning. Then at the church, I helped he into her jumper and then hold the towel for her after she was baptized. She said the water was cold. 

Carley's Baptism And Nole's Baby Blessing

We blessed Nole and baptized Carley on the same day. It was so special.