Monday, June 02, 2014

My Crafty Carley

My little Carley is always so crafty and creative. This is her little ginger bread girl.

Easter Time!

Carley has been dieing to dye eggs! I love the holidays!

Games Before School

Entertaining the girls before leaving the bedroom with a matching game. Then, if they had extra time after getting ready for school, we played others too. It was such a blessing having Jimmy home to help in the morning! I took care of the baby while he helped the girls to get ready. 

Wilikoki Beach

Wikikoki beach has great trees for climbing and has a great shaded area for the baby. We often meet Rahul and James here too.

Sweet Little Bubbas in April

He loves the baths! He was 17 lbs when he was checked at three months. He is such a happy little guy and just a joy to spend time with. I could just sit and play with him all day if I didn't have other responsibilities. He also started to roll over when he was three months. Right before we moved out of the Thornton's house he started.