Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Being a little brother...

This is what happens when you're a little brother. Taylor bought red lipstick and while they were riding in the back of the car, the girls decided to kiss him all over :) Silly sisters!

Then, the girls and their friend Nikki dressed him up like a bunny, tail and all.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy 11th Anniversary

Jimmy and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. We wanted to go to the temple because we haven't been for a long time. Then, the ward planned a special ward temple activity with child care. It was perfect! Ward members took the kids to the visitors center and did activities with them. I left Nole changed and fed while Jimmy and I did sealings. It was special to remember the covanents we made with Heavenly Father and each other on that day 11 years ago. 

After the temple, we had a potluck and then we met up with the gibson's and a few ward members and did some surfing and beach. On the way home we are some great Thai food from the food truck in hau'ula. 


We like to read to the girls before bed. Scriptures and then a book or part of a chapter book. Dad sometimes tells the girls elaborate stories that go on for days. He is very creative. 
We recently got them mattresses for their bunkers! They have been very patient. They have been sleeping on the floor or have been sharing the guest beds together since we moved here. We were able to get the bunk bed for $100 from a friend, then one mattress from craigslist and we finally recently got the last mattress. They are happy to have beds of their own now.

Feeding the ducks and birds

We recently got a bunch of food so I went through the cupboards to clean them out to make room. We took all the stale food and went to feed the birds at the marsh! Old chips and cereal become an afternoon of fun. We saw egrets, two exotic herons, cardinals, Minas, ducks, baby ducks, pigeons and lots of little fish. The girls loved it!
The heron I the background if this picture kept trying to eat the little fish. Carley was very concerned about the fish.
Taylor liked to feed the pigeons. One stepped on her toes.

Taylor and Carley baited the pigeons so Carley could sneak up on them and she picked a couple of them up.

Taylor's 6th birthday party

Monday, July 21, 2014

Taylor's party- cupcakes

Taylor's party

Taylor's birthday

Playing with her brother. 

She said to me "mom...I'm scared..." I told her that she didn't have to do this (get her ears pierced). Then she said, "no mom, I'm scared but I want to do it" and she did. She was so brave! I didn't even see her flinch and she didn't cry at all!
Pizza, cake, and ice cream at the Johnson's. 

Taylor's birthday weekend!

She officially turned 6! First we made a piƱata, then we baked cakes and cupcakes, then serene came over. Lastly, we got Taylor's ear pierced and saw the pets in the mall. Then, we went and ate dinner at the Johnson's house and sang to her there.

Making Cookies

When we went to the library this week, some of the books were about the story of the ginger boy. Carley felt inspired to make cookies. They decorated them and then we left to swim at the rec center pool.

Bubbas is 6 months

He is our happy little bundle of joy. He started officially crawling in the past few days and he now has two teeth. He weighs 20lbs. He's 6 months! Everyone who meets him loves him and he smiles for everyone. He's so happy and loves to smile and laugh. Nole loves when his big sisters play with him too.

We went to the beach and I couldn't keep him away from the sand now that he crawls. He loved to feel it and he had a hard time not eating it!

Look at those rolls!
And cottage cheese!
He just started pulling himself up in things and now even pulls himself into a standing position! I had to lower his pack-n-play to the lower setting so he won't fall out.