Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Fashion Designers

Play dough fashion designers. Auntie Lindsay would be proud!

Happy 11th Anniversary

We decided to go to the temple for our anniversary and the ward happened to have a ward temple day complete with babysitting and activities for the kids. The kids watched the films at the visitor center and ate snacks, etc. Nole woke up right before I had to leave the girls so I quickly changed and fed him. It was perfect timing. Then I could leave him with no worries also.

Jimmy and I got to sealings. It made me teary because it reminded me of the day we knelt across the alter 11yeaes ago and made covenants to each other and to our Heavenly Father. It was a sweet way to spend part if our anniversary. 
After the temple we went to the beach in Laie by goat island. Jimmy surfed (I was unsuccessful) and we played at the beach. Then, the family hit the Thai food truck on the way home. 

Sisters and brother

Eating his first food. He wasn't too sure about the squash or sweet potatoes. He kept shuttering. Now, he opens his mouth for it and likes it.
Of course the girls like to help
Playing with brother 

Recreation Center Pool

Fun summer days here. Sometimes we hit the park that is next door too.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

First day of school at enchanted lake

The girls' first day of school was today. Carley has Mrs. Hummel and Taylor has Mrs. Kurahara. A few days ago we went to the school so we could find their classes and we happened to meet each of their teachers. We were excited that they both seem really nice. We also got their long list of school supplies last week. We also spent a day sharpening their dozens of pencils, labeling everything and organizing. Today we brought the bags of stuff. We made sure their hair was cute and we paired outfits and hung them in their closets so today they just had to wake up and choose which one they wanted. 

When I took Taylor, she was sat down in her new desk and she was happy to see that she knew like three kids in her class already. Zion, kaipo, kyra, were all there. Taylor kissed and hugged me goodbye and then I went to take Carley to her class. Unfortunately, she didn't know anyone in her class, but we found her desk and she said goodbye to me. She looked nervous and had said earlier I the morning that she was nervous. She was very quiet when I left her. I kinda ached for her and said a prayer that she  ( and her sister) would be okay.

The neat thing about the school was that I saw Jenni, Kalani, TD, kalei, Jodi Dahlin, and Jodie Johnson all there. It was great! I saw a bunch of kids that I recognized. I think this was a good switch. Taylor seems to like her teacher and Carley doesn't have a strong opinion about hers yet.