Monday, November 03, 2014

Fun stuff

We like to swim at the rec center and go to the library. The girls have a hula class on Wednesday, so while the one sister is in class, the other sister swims. I works out well the the classes are right next to the pool. It's also convenient that the library is close by there also.

And to  go to the Salvation Army. The girls wanted to try in some fancy dresses while by were there. While this was going on, Carley's library books which were in the bike box (in the front of her bike) got stolen. I had to go fill out a police report , as instructed by the library, so I wouldn't have to pay for all the books.


My favorite part of Halloween is getting my kids dressed up. My aspiration on Halloween is to make my kids feel loved and feel special. I like doing their make-up and hair and helping them figure out their costume. 

This year we bought the pumpkins, then we waited a while and ten we painted them. Then, after a while we finally carve them. We carved this big one on Monday, and by today it was filled with black mold and was totally juicy.

Nole at 8 months

He "helps" with laundry.

He loves peek-a-boo!

And he loves to chew on and rip up paper and old homework assignments.


The girls dressed up for trunk or treat. They looked beautiful.


Jimmy was Nainoa Gibson! It was hilarious. Nainoa's brother got jimmy a "train to gain" shirt and drew nainoa's tattoos onto jimmy. Everyone thought it was hilarious. I was a scare crow, Nole was a biker baby, Taylor was a witch, and Carley was an Arabian princess. We all went to Janny's Halloween birthday party and had a blast. The kids went trick or treating around that neighborhood.

Thoughts about moving to Hawaii

I feel blessed to be here. Heavenly Father has had his hand in so many things along our journey to get here and helping us get settled since we've been here. Here are a few I've been thinking about:
-me getting into nursing shool (after my credits were old, not having to pay out of state tuition, having my mom be able to watch the girls, getting a job which enabled me to get an awesome preceptorship, getting into all the same weber program as Liza)
-as soon as I was done with school, jimmy getting back into university of Hawaii
-our truck making it to st George before breaking down as we pulled up to Jimmy's parent's house
- them taking the truck off our hands and forgiving debt for it
-me not going into labor on the plane and being let onto the plane
- the man who shipped to car dropping us off at the airport
-me finding a midwife to take me as a patient (because no one wanted to take a 38 week patient)
-having a healthy little Nole
-getting our health insurance worked out
- jimmy being able to work for john and having a truck to drive
-us living with the thorntons and then being able to rent Van's grandmother's house
-me getting a volunteer position at Castle Hospital
-the kids getting into enchanted lake elementary school with their friends and having good teachers
-the girls not having to switch wards when the ward split (we stayed in the same ward even though we moved 
-being able to furnish the house quickly after leaving so much behind when we came to Hawaii 

We have been so blessed! I feel very grateful! I didn't want to forget.