Thursday, February 05, 2015

Starting work

I start my hospital orientation on Monday. I'm excited to finally have my foot in the door at castle's and I can't believe I'm in the ER, but I'm also nervous about how it will affect my family. So far, we have been so blessed to have everything workout in everyway here with being able to get health insurance, with having Bubbas here (I recently remembered that Bubs was breach at like 37 weeks and because he turned back, that was the last deciding factor that allowed me to go to Hawaii before he was born), with finding an affordable place to live, with getting a volunteer position in castle's ER and now to be hired (when they interviewed 3 people), getting a day job that is a day job that is part time and is rotating weekends. I'm just going to have faith that because everything else has worked out so well, that this new step will also. 

I hope all works out with me keeping up with the learning curve at the new job again. It will definitely be good to brush up on and get more practice skills that I will need as a nurse.