Monday, March 16, 2015

Family fun

Yogurt Mama as a familyi helped the girls build a teepee out of some bamboo we had laying around. I loved building forts with my siblings as a kid. Now I get to help my kids do it!
The girls love to wrestle around with their dad. I swear it's one of their favorite things to do. Here he is giving them a piggie back. 
Bubbas at the beach

Fun with friends

Carley was showering in the rain that was pouring down from the roof. Then when her friend Nikki came over, she Taylor also joined in.More fun with friends. They had bubbles and water on the trampoline.
This weekend marked the start of spring break so we went to the beach. When we got home, jimmy helped fill up totes with warm water for the girls and Bubs to warm up in.
Carley loves to see and to bake. Here is one outfit she made for her doll "Cheese". She has also baked brownies, a peach upside-down cake, and a flourless cake almost all by herself this week. She is turning into quite the baker!


Aren't they cute when they're sleeping?

Spirit week at school

Spirit week at school. The girls had a "throw back" day. Taylor was an 80's girl and Carley was a go-go dancer from the 60's.They also did a crazy hair day. I bought a can of colored hair spray at Halloween and saved it specifically for this day. They wanted hair that stood up so we stuck sucker sticks in their hair. Taylor was dissappointed that her hair wasn't as fluffy as Carley's even after we brushed it out, but because Carley has wavy/curly hair and Tay doesn't, there wasn't much more we could do about it.

An abcessed tooth

Taylor had mentioned a few times that her tooth was hurting her. I didn't think much of it because we had just gone to her dentist a few weeks prior and got all her cavities filled. Until, on Sunday morning she told me that it hurt her to bite down. I decided that we needed to take her back in then, but by Sunday night, she started to get a swollen cheek! I thought, "oh no! An accessed tooth! So I took her in on Monday morning and sure enough, she had an accessed tooth. The dentist gave her laughing gas because that really helps her with her anxiety there and I let her lay on my in the examination chair. I think she ended up getting a partial root canal. She was a trooper though.

Little Bubbas

The little face I see in the morningHe likes to play with the pots and pans and whatever else he can pull out of the cupboards when I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. One of his favorite things to play with is the dishwasher. He loves to pull out all the silverware from its basket. He even reaches over the babygate when he is in the living room so he can play with the dishes he can reach in the dishwasher. Sometimes my cooking/cleaning is like taking two steps forward then taking one step back, but I still love it.
He likes playing with the wooden puzzle that the girls used to play with. I brought it out for him the other day.
Asleep on Daddy
Playing with his sister's big eyed animal in the car. He likes to make it kiss his face.
He also likes to "help" me do laundry. He loves to climb into the laundry bins and loves to be silly and try to pull down my piles of folded laundry that are on the couch while I am folding.
I've been closing both the gates on the patio and letting him play a bit outside when I am working in the kitchen since I am just right there. One time, I peeked out to check on him and I didn't see him. I immediately thought, "oh no! He must have escaped!", but both the gates were still closed. Then I heard a noise, and guess where I found him? Yep! He had climbed in the dryer that's out on the patio :)
He is just the happiest little guy. People tell me all the time that he just seem so happy and chill and I tell them that they are right! He is so fun and such a happy little guy. He still will let other people hold him a bunch and he likes to smoke at people. He doesn't complain much and I even tell people that one time he had the stomach flu and he was still a pretty happy baby. He would throw up and then be happy again! He is also breaking through a top molar tooth right now. He's 14 months.


The girls get creative and build forts out of sheets, blankets, cushions, chairs, pillows, etc. I remember loving to do this as a kid too.
Taylor loves to take long baths. She can play in there for hours with her princess figurines and her my little ponies. 
Carley loves to read and loves her bunny. She still prays every night that she is thankful to have him and we've had him for over 6 months! He is a good bunny. Ever morning she feeds him, the girls take turns cleaning his cage on Saturdays and they bring him inside to play often. Carley likes to read in her bed every night. Depending on how late it is, she gets to read 5-10 pages in her book that she is currently reading (we go to the library often to get her books). Also, I read to the girls almost ever night or jimmy tells them stories before they go to bed and after we read scriptures and have prayers.
The girls built a bunch of block towers so that Bubs could come and knock them over. It was cute.
Playing store with the stuffed animals. I switch between a cashier and a shopper, depending on what the girls want.

Feeding the Ducks and Birds

Stale cereal=a fun excuse to go feed to birds and fish at the marsh. We love doing this!
Bubbas gets all squeely and excited to see the pigeons that are all around him

Carley's actual birthday

On Carley's actual birthday, she was sick and stayed home from school, so the next day I brought brownies to celebrate with her classmates at school.
The birthday girl
A lemon cake in her real birthday

Monday, March 09, 2015

Sweet Moments

love sweet moments like this. Both the girls wanted to hold his hand on the way out of the library. They settled on taking turns.
Taylor came riding up to me like this. She picks him up and gives him rides. 

Bubbas turned one

And then Bubbas turned one! We had a potluck at the Morse's house and had more cake the next day after Carley's party!
Bubbas got his first cupcake...with no frosting, but he still loved it
Our amazing friends