Monday, April 13, 2015

More white plains

Crüe went out in the woody board with jimmy and got hit in the head
I love these girls. We have all been friends for so long and jenni and Td are my favorite ladies to surf with. We have a great time out in the water.

Crab hunting

White Plains and Tay

My little Tay. She is so pretty. She is such a spit fire and has a temper, but she can also be sweet. She takes good care of her brother. She is good at dancing and likes to be silly. She get frustrated while doing her homework and often has a difficult time completing tasks because she is so easily distracted. She likes to take her time while pooping in the morning and often races jimmy for a turn on the toilet in the mornings. She has a fabulous imagination and can play in the bath with toys for literally hours. Because she struggles with her homework, I make sure to have healthy snacks ready for her before she starts. For some reason, that really seems to help her. She loves any kind of fruit, so sometimes she eats frozen sliced bananas, cutie oranges, sliced bananas, popcorn, sliced apples, frozen blueberries, etc. I love that she loves fruit so much. She even likes to eat the stringy parts in the middle of the Orange. Here are a bunch of pictures of her at White Plains. What a cute kid!
Going tongi surfing with her daddy
Bubs loves to walk in and play with the surfboards, even at home.
Carley out in the war with jimmy.

St Patrick's and more

Our St Patrick's day outfits (actually we were a day late because the kids didn't have school on at Patrick k's day and I forgot)
Hanging out in our make-shift hot tubs after going to the beach with jimmy
Carley loves to do crafts, sewing, and baking. This time, she made a purse and different outfits for her doll Cheese.
She also found a very long noodle in her ramen
The girls celebrated Paige's birthday with her in the beach with the Thornton girls.
Taylor loves to pick different flowers for me when we are out on our walks and bike rides. This was a picture or some of the pretty flowers she got for me on a walk to the new Target in town.

Bubbas is 15 months

The depth of my love for this little man is hard to describe. Truly he brings me so much joy and someone's I wish it was possible to be able to hold him, kiss his little cheeks, and snuggle him all day. He just has the nearest little personality. He is so friendly with others. He is so quick to smile and is so happy all the time. From when he wakes up and one of us takes him out of his bed (his sisters like to get him a lot), until he goes to sleep (okay, when he is hungry or tired he get clingy and whiny, but other than that) he is just happy. He does signs for water, and all done. I love how he likes to jump on the trampoline with me and the girls. He likes when I stick hair clips in his hair, and he likes to take the girls' tooth brushes and chew on them. He loves to wave good bye to Zach and Duli, jimmy or me when he hears us leaving; and, when we come home, he is so happy to greet us. I feel blessed that Duli takes such good care of him when jimmy and I are at school or work. He likes to slap the girls in the face and make them laugh. Taylor does a good job at making him laugh at the silly things she does. Sometimes when taylor is taking a bath, Bubs will go in with her and play in there. It's cute.

In this picture, he was playing in the side yard. I went out to check on him because I heard him make a noise. When I glanced out there (because I was just in the kitchen right next to the side yard) I couldn't see him. I felt a quick feeling of panick but the gates were closed. He couldn't have escaped into the lane or road. Then I heard him again and this is where I found him. He had crawled into the dryer on the side yard.
He likes to play with buckets and water

And sit in boxes and bins
This is how he greets me when I get home from work, but normally with a bigger smile And excitement
He is still so snuggle
And he loves spaghetti and to feed himself. When he is done, he usually starts throwing food on the floor so I have to be careful

We got a bike trailer/jogging stroller recently and we took it to eat at biston's pizza. I love when the kids are getting along and being so sweet to each other. Bubbas' big sister love him.