Monday, July 20, 2015

Camping at melakahana

Carley loves to go camping every summer. So even though I had to work the next day and I couldn't stay the night, jimmy stayed with the kids and continued to camp. The girls had a blast with their friends and it was a fun time. For the talent show, Jimmy and I did chin singing. It was pretty funny and we practiced a bunch that day so we could learn the song. The dinner was a great potluck too. Needless to say, Jimmy barely slept because the baby was having a hard night, and Jimmy was exhausted from all the unloading and loading, but it was fun to spend time with our friends and together.

Sledding the hill

Nicole Eldridge came to visit from Kansas. Mike came shortly afterwards, but it was great to see her and her girls. In someways it was like no time had passed, but in others, it had been so long! Her girls are so big now!

Playing with Nikki

The girls have spent a lot of thief summer vacation playing with Nikki. Carley has had quite a few sleepovers with her, and Nikki has spent lots of time at our house and doing varios activities with our family.  Here is a picture of Nikki's birthday party.
Doing slip-n-sliding in the backyard.

Trying to fish off the pier, but it started raining too hard
Playing with a bunch of kids in the Shaha's yard


Bubbas loves to play the keyboard and dance when it plays it's programmed music.
And he really likes spaghetti

On the way back from swimming at the Speed's house, Bubs fell asleep on Taylor. She is really sweet with him and is good at entertaining him.
At Aikahi park

Nole turned 17 months

Isn't he handsome? Seriously.
And silly?

He loves to play the keyboard and dance to the music it plays
And he loves spaghetti. The other day he was just lifting the whole bowl and dumping it into his mouth.

And he was trying to feed me Kix cereal and I was moving my mouth to try to help him feed it to me when I realized that he wasn't trying to feed me anymore. He wanted to stick it in my nostril. So I laughed and let him. Then he wanted another Kix in my other nostril. Then he slapped my ace a bunch to get the cereal out. Then he started sticking the cereal in his nostrils. What a funny kid!
At the Tyau's he liked to play on the computer keyboard in their playroom during book club.

Jimmy and I were talking last Sunday that Bubs will be going to nursery soon. Crazy, and kinda exciting.