Friday, August 21, 2015


Today I folded laundry outside while Bubs played. It worked pretty well! He loves to play outside. I am so grateful we were able to move back to Hawaii. I love that we have a little yard that the kids can play in year-around that is shaded. I feel so blessed. The girls are able to play with friends and go swimming at Angela's house a bunch. I wonder if they know how good they have it.

Book club was at the house yesterday. I made a double batch of breakfast casserole and a double batch of baked French toast and cut up a bunch of fruit. We had it in the backyard. The kids played and we all talked and had a great time. Jenni, TD, Michelle (who's is back visiting), and Jodie all hung out until it was time to get the kids from school. I feel like Heavenly Father helped me so that everything ran smoothly and that the food turned out good and that it was ready on time. I feel blessed with amazing friends. I love those ladies. Jenni, me, and TD have been going surfing a bunch lately. It's been fun. Those two are my favorite people to surf with. We always have a good time together.

I feel blessed that I have good kids and a good marriage. I'm glad that jimmy and I like to be around each other and that we love each other. He's a fun person and a a good dad. I'm glad he can watch the kids a lot of the time when I work. I love my family back on the mainland. I feel grateful to have them. I love them so much. Thank goodness for cellphones these days. I'm glad I can talk to them whenever I want to.

There is so much to be grateful for.