Monday, September 14, 2015

School and hula begin

My second and fourth grader
Taylor has ms. Underwood
Carley has mr. Sunaoka and is in the same class as nikki!
Taylor also started hula with aunty pua

Summer activities

Going to the pet store in the mall after watching a kid movies in the theater 
And playing on the same play equipment that the girls did when they were toddlers

And lots of sleepovers with nikki. Yes, she fell asleep with a book on her face
And lots of playing at Angela's and in her pool
The girls' balloon babies

And doing Jimmy's make-up. What a good sport

Bubs at 18-19 months

He seriously loves ukuleles. He has been passionate about them for a while. He tries to find Jimmy's everyday and has a little purple toy one of his own.
He likes to wake up his sisters and family in the mornings. He is always so happy.
Carley's sleeping on our floor because we have visitors
Picking flowers in our lane. Another favorite of bubs'. He shows me he wants to go picking by not only pointing out to the lane, but also pretends to sniff a flower in his hand to signal to me what he wants. 
He also loves to push brooms and mops around

And likes to try on hats and helmets

Because he sees his sisters getting their hair brushed and done before school and church, he doesn't want to be left out, so I do his hair for him when he asks. He just sits down in front of me for his turn.
He also started nursery. When I first dropped him off, I stayed until he got a bit settled. Then, I snuck out. When I did, he kinda gave out a squeel, threw his puzzle piece, and then that was it. He continued to play. 

Nap time for us both

Lots of visitors this summer

The Guyauxs visited at the same time as jimmy's brother David. It was a full house, and lots of fun. Also meridith and Rett stopped in and said hi too!

More birthday celebrating for Taylor

Opening more presents

And going to chuck-e-cheese