Monday, November 09, 2015

August 2015

Me TD and Jenni on a party wave
Enjoying a beautiful sunset
The spoils of picking a mango tree that over hangs into a church parking lot

Jimmy throwing a ball to knock down high up mangos

Nice selfie carley

The fountain by California Pizza kitchen. We used so gift certificates and ate there

Bubbas at about 21 months

Climbing on stuff he shouldn't :)
It's the toy kitchen he pushed over
Cruising at Aunty Angela's 
Part of his flower collection he made on the walk home
He loves to go to the field and pick flowers. He shows me he wants to by pretending to hold a flower in his fingers and sniff it. It's really cute.
I love this little guy so much. He's such a happy little guy. He loves to wave at people and smile. He likes to be tickled and to laugh.
Building block towers with Daddy. The kids love to knock the towers down after they build them.
More flower picking

And playing in the puddles made from the rain.(

He loves spaghetti. I heard it does wonders for wrinkles.

Bubs' future girlfriend- Scarlet Johnson

He loves his big sisters. He loves to jump on the trampoline and do other fun stuff.
He loves to ride skateboards

A Baby Kitty

Today there was meowing over by the back side of the studio. We went to church and then came home. A while later the mewing started again and the girls and I went out to look for it. It ended up being on the neighbor's side of the fence, in a corner, in some plants. I helped the girls over the fence and at first they couldn't find the kitten. Then Carley looked again and sure enough there was a little tiger stripped kitten with its eyes still shut and its ears still down. Carley wanted me to some see but I told her just to bring it and bring it over to me. She did and Taylor and she took turns holding it. We weren't sure if it was abandoned by its mother or if it was starving but I told the girls to put it back I case the mom was just out looking for food. The girls held it for a bit and then they put it back. We looked up info on the internet about what to do if you find kittens and found out good information. We also learned if the mother cat doesn't return in four hours that it is probably hurt or dead. I told the girls they could check on it after we got home from a potluck that night. Jimmy was pretty resistive about us getting involved with the kitten, but when we got home (and after quite a bit of discussion), the girls checked on the kitten and could not find it. The mom might have moved the nest (which the Internet also gave info about). Carley was sad that she didn't get a kitten to have, but I was relieved that the kitten wasn't dead and that we didn't have to take care for it. Carley heard mewing from the field that night.