Sunday, January 03, 2016

Bubbas 22 months

He and I were making banana bread.
Or he was eating it :)

Riding his tricycle outside while playing with a crowbar 

He thought the dishwasher soap was candy and took it into the room. Luckily he didn't eat any.

TD's birthday

At the Speed's house we had a get together for TD's birthday. We potlucked Mexican food and I made some chocolate tortes.

We painted pictures while Jodie gave a mini art lesson. The men couldn't be too careful not to get paint on their clothes :)
And then there is Jimmy :)

Another potluck at the Speeds' house with people I love

Two Front Teeth

Taylor lost her first front tooth Oct 24

And then she lost her other front tooth Nov 22nd, just in time to be front-toothless for Christmas! I always wanted that to happen to me when I was a kid but I lost mine one at a time. How fun! 

November 2015

We got two banana bunches off the trees in the field at one time. The girls and I cut them down and hung them up in our back yard.
Taylor and Lois love to play imaginary games. They are both very creative! Taylor also loves designing her dress up clothes and made these out of cut up clothes I was getting rid of.
Playing in stuffed animals at the store

Bubbas likes to sit on my lap and I cock the nerf gun and he shoots it
Thanksgiving decorations that Carley and I made
The girls and I like to do gingerbread houses every year. This year I made them out of cardboard because the graham cracker just gets soggy and can't stay together. It worked out much better except that the candy canes melted into puddles this time :) but at least they lasted a few days
Taylor is such a cute big sister. She can be so sweet and helpful to her little brother. Here they are playing in the rain and the water that pours downs off the house
Hot chocolate because it's getting colder here
Carley and Nikki riding home together to Nikki's house. They have some amazing skills!

Play time with the Costanzos

The Costanzos took Carley, Nikki and Dante (Taylor didn't want to go) on a hike out at Kaena Point.

Another adventure with Uncle Paul out in the military base
Taylor's boots came back really messy, but I'd rather have messy boots and happy kids who are playing outside 


We heard meowing from a newborn kitten in our neighbor's yard and so I gave Carley permission to jump the fence to check it out. In the plants was a little baby kitten. Taylor jumped over to check it out and this is what they found.

Then the mom cat moved the litter (there ended up being three kittens in total) into our wood shed. The girls have been in kitten heaven playing with them whenever the mom cat isn't around.

Right before we left for our Christmas trip the mom moved the litter somewhere else after she was frightened when Jimmy was getting tools from the shed. The girls (especially Carley) have been so sad. We don't know if we will eventually find them again.

Beach time

Boat ramps in Kailua. The girls like to slide down the algae covered ramp as the waves are going in and out.
And we love to dig in the sand
Castle's beach

The moms got to surf and the kids played and built a fort. It was windy that day, but it was still a blast.