Sunday, May 22, 2016

Christmas Trip- Grandma's House

Eating my mom's wonderful pancakes. The girls and I were excited about her pancakes. The girls especially love her blueberry and her bacon pancakes.
Then we went up the canyon to go sledding. Jimmy drove the Colver's van and we met up with Erika and Wayne and Lindsay and Travis. It was a blast!

Our little family minus Carley
Then we slept at Uncle Wayne's house and Auntie Tonya let the girls and boys make Christmas tree decorations and decorate their own tree. They even got personalized awards for the best decorations.
The girls' tree
And the boys' tree
The cousins had so much fun together
It was neat to see grandma with Bubs. She is such an involved grandma and is always baking or doing activities with these little guys.

Curt's family came up and all the cousins were together for the first time in years
We are just missing David here

Off To Grandma's

And then we drove to Grandma's house
And seeing her was SO good. It was like we were pulling up to her house when we used to live there. The girls knocked on the door and Jazzy barked and grandma opened the door.
The reunion was wonderful!
And Grandma and Bubs finally got to meet. 

I love this special lady and have missed her
And the girls couldn't wait to play in the snow, so they borrowed some basic things and made a snowman in grandma's front yard
With their cousin Malia

Christmas Trip- L.A. Continued

The kids were feeding the Koi fish at the sushi restaurant while they were waiting
There was supposed to be festivities at the Christmas tree farm, but it wasn't happening when we went, but the girls still had fun 

They played hide and seek too
Bubs loved midnight too. Good thing midnight is such a chill cat. He was rolling all over him!
Carley missed doing Just Dance with her friends in Utah. Now she got to play it at her Auntie's house.
Jimmy and Taylor rocked it

Isn't his new hair cute?

Mainland trip- First Stop L.A.

On our way to the mainland! I forgot there was a pair of trauma shears in my purse (a Christmas present from a coworker) but the security members were so nice that she boxed it up and sent it with our stuff. Other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing.We were getting creative towards the end of the flight on ways to entertain the kiddos.
We made it to LA! It was really quite cold. Auntie Lindsay picked us up and we went to eat at Tito's Tacos. It was freezing, but great!
The girls were dying to see midnight and Tiffany. He is still such a good cat.
Ever since we landed in the mainland, Bubs' hair went totally limp. He normally has these precious little curls at the bottom of his hair, but it turned into a shaggy mullet in this dry air. Needless to say, He got his first haircut thanks to his Auntie Betty and Auntie Lindsay.
Now he looks so much older!
The girls love their cousins Sam and Liz
I got to have a girls outting with these wonderful ladies. We are Thrifty's ice cream and got our toes done.
And we got the families together to drive through the Christmas lights in the neighborhoods 
At Auntie Lindsay's house we made epic ginger bread houses. She baked real ginger bread and made her own royal icing (I normally do graham crackers and hot glue)
This is how they turned out. Aren't they fancy? The girls did a great job

The kids played in the street out front of Lindsay's house with bikes, skateboards, cars, bubbles, etc.  It was strange to see them wearing so many clothes.

And of course, Midnight

Getting Ready for Christmas

I took the kids to the PCC after we went to visit their cousins in Laie and while Jimmy was surfing. They loved the canoe riding and the fishing.

The tree lighting ceremony trolley ride with the Costanzos. We got frozen yogurt there, made crafts, ate popcorn and hot chocolate and finished our walk home right as it started raining. It was great timing.