Monday, July 18, 2016

Ward Camp at Bellows

Jimmy and Carley slept on the air mattress out under the stars. When it rained, they would pull a tarp over themselves...oh, and we brought mustache tattoos:)
For a primary activity, the kids played twister and played with shaving cream

Jimmy's set up that allowed us to stay mostly dry during rain
The ward ez corners where everyone gathered to eat and hang out 
We played games and cards, ate shaved ice, lemonades, and potluck dinners
The kids played at the beach, rode bikes and skate boards, swung in the hammock and on a swing that Fono made, climbed trees, and had a blast

Jimmy brought the telescope and looked at the moon with the kids
Bubs is very passionate about a few things in life. They are: guitars/ukuleles, skate boards, and balls. He loved playing with these giant glowing beach balls 

Taylor's Birthday

Taylor turned 8! First we had a birthday breakfast!
Then we went to Savers and bought shoes, a swim suit, a rash guard, and a stuffed Love Me animal

Then we stopped off at 7-11 because it's tradition and each got a slurpee. The kids also got sushi and musubis 
And we made 3 cakes to take to the camping trip. The ward all sang happy birthday to Tay Tay and we are cake!

Waimanalo' secret beach

Liz has told me that she wanted to go here together so she could show me where it is
The kids all swam out and around this catamaran. 
And there is a swing here.

The water is amazing here in the summer!!

Taylor loved the swing and the turtle pond
I love these ladies!

The more the marri
The cute little beach access we walked out. Then

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fourth of July

I had to work, but Jimmy took the girls to the parade in the morning and met up with the Speeds, the Thorntons, and the Morses and then they all went to the beach afterwards. I got sent home from work early and then the family pulled up in their bikes a few minutes later. Then, we went to a potluck at the Morse's house and then walked down to the fireworks on the beach.
I love these kids!
I feel so blessed that my kids get to grow up by the ocean. Sometimes I wonder if they know how good they have it. Everyday I am grateful that we are here in Hawaii and are able to experience things like this.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

More Playing at the Beach with Grandparents

Playing at the boat ramps with Grandma and Grandpa. 
The girls and grandpa swam out to flat island in boogie boards and walked around on the island
We also dug in the sand and slid down the boat ramp


Carley, Taylor and Bubs love to play with the kitties. Carley's kitten has a white patch in the shape of a heart on it's back
This is Tigger, Oreo's sibling that we are babysitting for Angela

Oreo fell asleep in the cup holder in the truck on the ride home from dropping the Costanzos off at the airport
And on Carley's lap

Activity Days Sleepover

It was Taylor's first activity days activity. Because there wasn't going to be an activity in July and Taylor's birthday was in July, Angela suggested that this be her first activity. The girls had a sleepover and tin foil dinner at the old bishop's yard.
The girls played games and we sang camp songs.
And after helping them with the fire, dinner, and setting up camp, Jimmy took over and slept at the site with the girls. Unfortunately, it down poured that night and blew away Carley's tent, so some of the girls and Jimmy slept under the lanai by the pool at the house. They all didn't get much sleep, but the girls had a blast.

Kalaupapa/Last Day of Moloka'i

I wanted to see Kalaupapa where Jimmy's great grandpa Levi Kaohu died. This is the lookout over the isolated peninsula.

Phallic rock was a short walk from the look out. It is said to help those with infertility. People had left offerings at the site in hopes of getting pregnant.

Hanging out at the library while we were waiting for the bread bakery to open. There was a statue there

Laying down because I wasn't feeling so good. I was still recovering from the meningitis 
Carley practicing her flexibility for dancing

The little bakery that is down these creepy dimly lit ally ways. The blueberry and cream cheese bread and the cinnamon bread were awesome!👌🏻

Our last day on Molokai, we went to a snorkling spot and to some beaches. It was beautiful and there was hardly anyone around.

The girls snorkled with their grandpa Jim and they all loved it

We vacated the house we were staying in so we stopped off at a beach park and showered and played before we qent to the airport. There was a neat tree the girls were climbing in.
The cute little Molokai airport.