Monday, August 15, 2016

Cousins In Town

We went to the movies one night and then we went out to eat at L&L's.
Playing at the boat ramp at Kailua Beach. 
The girls were skidding up and down it

The big cousins did Jimmy's hair in corn rows and later took them out

We are at 7-11 a bunch to get sushi and Slurpees. It was fun.
We were all sad to say goodbye. Especially Lizzie and Carley.

Jumping off the Rocks at China Walls

Jimmy took us to jump off the rocks at China walls. The tricky part is getting out of the water and back up in the rocks with the waves rising and lowering the water level. Jimmy and curt had to help the kids out of the water every time. It was a blast. I was proud of my girls for jumping. I wish I could attach the videos of it!

The Speed's Farewell Potluck

It was great to introduce my brother to my friends. It also helped that he is a great musician and that's what we do at our potlucks is play music and sing. 
Jimmy and his luscious locks

Hiking and Biking

The kids love to run errands by themselves. They were able to go to the pet supply store and then to 7-11 multiple times. Carley was so happy!
Then we went on a hike while Carley and Jimmy went to Carley's dance class (which ended up getting canceled anyways). 

Taylor was such a trooper! She didn't complain at all and she led the pack the whole way to the waterfall and back!

The kids swam in the pool of water

Baptism After-Party

The Morses were nice and let us have Taylor's after-party at their house 

Jimmy made a gourmet sandwich bar. It was wonderful!
And we were so happy to have Cirt and Betty and the cousins here for it. I was originally going to have it earlier in the month, but I wanted them to be there.
The sleepover with Nikki. The girls all slept out in the studio alone

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cousin Play Time

The kids liked to walk to 7-11, ride their bikes around, and liked to jump on the trampoline
We took the kids to the shell collecting spot past Castle's beach.
The kids like to dig for clay and this time they decided to get creative with it

It started raining and the boys fell asleep in the trailer while Jimmy was pushing them down the beach access toward the car. I stepped on a really big thorn in the walk back and Taylor had to pull it out for me. I had a pretty bloody foot after that.
Then they fell back asleep in Tay Tay on the ride home

The Hamill Family Visit!

Curt, Betty, Sammy, Lizzie, and David came out to visit! It was so great having them out! First, we rode bikes down to Boston's Pizza, and then we rode to the beach.
The next day, Jimmy took everyone to secret beach/pele's chair and they jumped off the rocks.

And they caught a baby eel 

Taylor and Malie's joint Birthday Party

We had a taco/burrito bar theme for food and I also brought cut up pineapple with lilikoi (from our garden) squeezed on top 
I love these ladies
Bubs liked the little car that was out front
We froze ice, got syrup and Liz brought out her shaved ice machine. It was awesome!
The slide and the kiddie pools were a hit
Leina and Ty threw water balloons at Jimmy so he threw Ty in the slide's pool. Then the girls dumped the ice cold water pitcher on Jimmy 😂
The kids hanging out on the hammock and being silly