Sunday, September 18, 2016

Guava Picking

When they cut down a bunch of the trees in the field, luckily, they didn't cut down the guava tree
The kids love to go and pick the guavas and eat them
Today, they wanted to make guava juice

Ward Labor Day Beach BBQ

The kids buried themselves standing up in a big hole. It took them minutes to dig themselves out when they wanted to leave the hole.
The little boys were sliding down the boogie board like a slide

Abbie and Wyatt even came
Taylor laid down and Wyatt covered her with sand. Then I noticed she hadn't moved for a few minutes so I took a closer look and she had fallen asleep!
So her friend and sister decorated her
And Bubs cuddled with her

And they made her a shapely bum :)

Family time

The kids and Jimmy like the pool. Jimmy was playing this game they mixed name, but in. 
Jimmy is in a fitness challenge right now with our friends so he has been eating healthier and exercising be more.
And I love when Carley or Taylor mimicked

Taylor's solution when she was asked to clean out the litter 
Activity days! Angela brought back cocoa   Nibs from South America so they made hot chocolate
And Angela took the kiddos to see a movie

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bubs at 2 1/2

He loves to climb in the laundry hamper and in my clean laundry bins
And he loves to spin at the park/girls' school after we bike to the school and drop off the girls
The other day, he spun so much that he walked over to the grass while I was talking to TD and he threw up in the dirt two times!
I love watching him and his Daddy together
Taylor and Bubs are so cute together when they play. They both like to swim and play in the pool out back. 

The Girls' First Day of School

Taylor started 3rd grade and Carley started 5th grade! They are getting so grown up!
Bubs hiding in the laundry hamper
Jimmy has already thrown me and Carley both in the pool
It had been a really fun little pool. The Shahas have it to us when they left. 
Angela had the girls make their own hot chocolate by grinding cocoa nibs from Costa Rica 
And the Costanzos took the kids to the movies