Friday, January 16, 2015

Carley's Party

Preparing for Carley's party. The girls helped bake, frost and decorate the cupcakes. They did a great job. They also helped build the Frozen cupcake stand we made.Carley wanted to have a sleepover, but none of the girls could accept Nikki, but she had a wedding to go to the day of the party, so Nikki slept over the night before. They had a great time playing and sleeping in the fort they made.
Carley's favorite part of her party was the popcorn toss game. The girls had to catch the popcorn in their mouths. Carley and Mya won. There was a lot of laughing involved!
The Olaf piƱata we made was stuffed with gushers.

Aikahi Park

At Aikahi park with the Thornons.
The girls have been into playing spy games lately. They all have spy kits they like to use. Jimmy sets up "secret meetings" so they can spy on us with their baby monitors and other gadgets.
Bubbas is really walking now!
All tuckered out after the park.


Taylor's creationBubbas' creation...
He learned that he could reach things on the table and pull them off. 
So I gave him the rest if the cereal...if he wasn't so darn cute...

Friday, January 09, 2015


I had my first interview today. It is for a ER technician job at castle medical center. I eventually hope to move into a nurse position from there. It's been a year since I finished school. It would be great to get my foot in the door, but I am scared too. I'm afraid of how it will affect my family. If I work full time, jimmy is going to stop working and stay home with the kids. Bubbas (Nole) is turning one on Saturday. I am SO grateful for the time I have had with him and the girls, especially  during this time of transition. Carley has taken the change and move from the mainland the hardest. She misses her friends, her school, her old house, her grandma, the snow, etc. she still cried about it.  I am glad that I haven't been able to get a job until possibly now in some ways. I think it would have been harder on her if I wasn't around. Also, I am so glad to be able to nurse Bubbas and be home with him. I think I have valued my time with him more because I have feared his whole infancy that I might start working. Taylor has taken the whole move and switching schools twice in stride. She had a few hard days when she started kindergarten mid-year out here last year, but she is doing well and seems to be happy. 

I have to remind myself that Heavenly Father has helped me and my family to have everything fall into place many many times before. Some examples are: getting Medicaid when Bubbas was born, getting into our house we currently live in with amazing rent, jimmy getting into school, me finishing my school right in time before the move, Bubbas being born 2 weeks after we arrived here and not sooner, etc. things will also work out with me working if/when I am supposed to. I have been volunteering now since September and feel really blessed to have gotten that position. Now, we will see where else it will lead. Even if I don't get this position, at least the managers are aware of me now because of volunteering. 

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Playing Restaurant

Nikki, Carley, and Taylor played restaurant. Nikki and Carley made Taylor, me, and Jimmy food from their menu and served us. It was pretty fun. This was the menu they made up. I ordered popcorn for my "abitizar" ramen for my "meel" and  ice cream topped with a candy salad for my "duzzert". The girls did a great job. Jimmy was kind and helped clean up after they were all done.

Almost christmas

This week Bubbas started to walk. He takes 5-6 steps now! It is amazing to watch. Taylor and I were having him walk back and forth between us.

Carley seems to be doing a bit better this week with missing Utah. We have been trying to do fun stuff to make it feel like christmas. We went I've skating and went to see the lights in the neighborhood in Kaneohe that has amazing christmas decorations on this certain street. Yesterday, we sledded the hill behind the church on cardboard with a bunch of friends. It was a blast! Jenni,  TD, and I all rode together in a train. Jimmy also let me go surfing with them that morning and he and the girls cleaned the house when I was gone. Then jimmy took all the kids to the hardware store with him while I showered. It was amazing. What a great day. Thanks hunny! After we sledded, then we went to the beach. It was nice to spend time with Jimmy's sister Elizabeth who came down with her family from Laie. It great when the girls can spend time with their cousins.

The girls just started winter break! And last week Taylor came home with a push pop from school. When I asked her why, she said her teacher gave it to her. A little boy who is quite a hand full was throwing Taylor's papers or something and Taylor ignored him and handled the situation so we'll, that the teacher gave her a great. Great job Tay!

The Polynesian Cultural Center

We got passes to the Polynesian cultural center for very cheap this year! I was hoping that we might be able to do babysitting swaps with some other couples and go to the temple while we are up in Laie.

While we were at the PCC, the other couple we were on the canoe ride with wanted to take pictures with our family and kids. After taking pictures of themselves with our family in the background of their pictures, she finally moved up the canoe and put her arm around Carley to take a picture with her. Then the lady tried to take a picture with Taylor but Taylor wouldn't cooperate. Finally we just handed Bubbas over so she could take a picture with him. She was so excited.

The girls' favorite part of the PCC was riding on the canoe. 

Cutting Jimmy's Hair

Jimmy wanted to cut his hair so Carley helped. Then she had fun playing with his hair afterward.

Random thoughts about Jimmy's hair: jimmy doesn't stick with one hairstyle or hair do for long. Also,  I love how Jimmy's hair turns a gold color on the ends when it's long and he's been in the sun a bunch.