Monday, May 11, 2015


For Kelii's graduation party that Lindsay threw

Mother's Day

I woke up to breakfast in bed made by Carley. I got buttered toast, ice water, frozen blueberries, and sliced bananas, all served in a tea set on a platter. It was very cute.
Then I got a handmade card from my little Tay 
And a poster from Carley 
And an awesome long board skateboard from Jimmy! He knows me well that I would rather him buy a awesome used skateboard than I would have flowers.
Then we took a family picture at church
And rode around the church parking lot after dinner


He loves playing in the dishwasher. It's one of his favorite things to pull out all the silverware.

He loves to play outside with the hose

And just play in the back yard. Lately I have been doing the girls' homework out there because he plays happily out there while we do the homework.
Bubs playing at green walls.

Ear tubes

I had been dreading this day for a while. I am very grateful that we have medical insurance that has made getting this surgery possible. That being said, I knew this day might be coming for a while and I have always dreaded the possibility of Bubs having to fast for a surgery. It seems to go against my nature as a mother. Since the time these little guys are born, a mother thinks about their food intake. I was not looking forward to denying him that.
Luckily Jimmy was able to take the morning off to help. We all got up early that morning, got everything ready, jimmy took Bubbas down to the hospital while I got the girls off to school. I was afraid that Bubs was going to be very uncomfortable and would be crawling all over me trying to nurse, so that's why we planned it that way. Jimmy said he asked for water a few times, but that he did pretty well otherwise. 
When I showed up at the hospital, Bubbas was playing with toys and was distracted. He tried to lift my shirt a few times, but he did really well. Then, they had me change into the white jumpsuit so I could go back with him while they put him under. He didn't like the mask they put on his face to give him the gas and he was crying, but then his cry got weaker and weaker and his little eyes closed. It was kinda creepy watching him do that because his eyes were rolled back, but were partially open, and he was floppy and his eye lids looked blue. He looked like he dies in some ways. But I was happy he didn't have to be intibated, and was glad he didn't have to have an IV. The anesthesiologist was super sweet to him and said that he even had dr nagamine as his resident.
They told me when he was done with his surgery and told me that they suctioned out a lot of thick mucus from his ears and placed the tubes. I went to the recovery room when he woke up. He was really floppy and smelled like the gas.
He couldn't stand up even though he wanted to. He kept squirming like he wanted me to set him down after we left the recovery room, but when I did, he was so dizzy and floppy that he couldn't. Even after getting home, it took him a while to be able to walk and stand.

Hopefully now he will be able to hear properly and nothing will impede his speech development. I'm glad everything went well with this little angel's surgery.

Bishop's museum

There was a free admissions day at the Bishop's museum. The kids really liked the dinosaur exhibit. We brought Nikki along and happened to meet up with the Costanzos too!

Pua'ena point

I haven't been back to pua'ena for years. I always knew I loved this spot, but I was reminded how much. It was great that Lindsay got to be there too. The waves were fun and it was great to spend time as a family and with jimmy's friends who were visiting (Chris and Jessica Pearce and their girls).
A friendly turtle decided to join us on the beach

Easter 2015

The girls had a sleepover with Nikki. Jimmy set up the Easter egg hunt in the morning all by himself because I had to work on Saturday and Sunday and couldn't be there. The girls said they had fun and jimmy did a good job. Then, on Sunday evening, I drive over to the Morse's house for an Easter potluck and for another egg hunt.
My Carley-coos is such a good girl. She doesn't complain when I ask her for help and she is willing to do it. She shares and  is so smart. I read to the girls at night and she loves to have me snuggle with her I. Her bed. I appreciate her even temper and how she is so mature for a 9year old. She wants to be allowed to ride her bike to the nearby stores but jimmy and I aren't quite ready for that just yet. She loves to bake and can do a lot of things on her own now. She still cries sometimes because she misses Ema, her cousins, her grandma, her school, etc.
Even Bubbas got I. On the action.
I felt bad for not being able to be home more for easter weekend, but I was glad jimmy took over and made it special for the kids.