Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our first papaya

We got our first Papua off the tree Carley planted. She has been watching it like a halk for months. Now. As one of those huge papayas finally started turning colors, she was able to pick it. The photos don't even do justice to show how big the papaya was.

And since Carley doesn't like papaya and neither does Jimmy, taylor and I were able to enjoy the whole thing by ourselves. It was great once it got a little riper.

May Day Performances

We took the girls out of school while the Colvers were here so their first day back was May Day. Both the girls wore aloha dresses and leis. Their performances were very cute.

I felt really blessed because where I happened to be sitting was a perfect spot to be for where both Carley and Taylor performed on the field.
Nikki and Carley
It was a hot sunny day.

Aloha 'oe Colvers

And then they had to leave. It was a whirlwind that was intense and over quick.
Taylor loved hanging out with some of the older Colver girls. It was so cute how Eleanor, Lani, and Trisha would all play so sweetly with her. Taylor still called Lani "favorite-girl".
The Colver's visit was the most important to our little Carley. She has had the hardest time out of everyone in our family adjusting to the move away from her friends. She got to fulfill a lot of the things she has been asking to do because her friends were here such as riding her bike to the stores (probably close to 10 times in one day), sleeping on the trampoline (until it rained in the middle of the night), having a lemonade stand, and mostly just reconnecting with the Colver girls.
Taylor was excited to see her "boyfriend" J. They irritate each other but they love ra other too.

It was great to see Nina, who is pregnant with #9.

North Shore with the Colvers

We stopped off at Matsumotos for shaved ice
And then stopped off at Sunset beach to make and eat sandwiches. I told them that Jimmy and my first official date was on that beach over by a coconut tree where we ate a picnic dinner at sunset. My girls thought that was really neat.

Then we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center where Nina and Justin both used to work.

Bubbas' concerned look
He's such a happy, good natured little guy. I am so grateful to be his mom.

The Colvers Continued

Bubbas and Alma. They were friends when they weren't fighting over toys :)
They loved to give each other hugs, but most of the hugs ended up with the boys falling over and getting hurt. It was cute, but dangerous!
Tay being such a good helper
The banyan tree in Waikiki by the zoo
Carley fell into the water off the walk way because the kids were looking at the amazing fish, but they were also trying to catch the black crabs crawling in the sides of the walk way. She slipped and walked around inert clothes for the rest of the time down there. She had a pretty gods attitude about it all though.

The Colvers Visited

We have been preparing for their visit since we moved back to Hawaii. We were so happy they stopped off here for 10 days on their way to Tonga.

Carley has been crying for Cordi and Ema since she left Utah. She has been counting down the time that she knew she could see them next. When I would tell her that their family would come out next summer (when we would talk about it last year) she would tell me that it was too far away. Now the time finally arrived. 

Playing at White Plains and teaching their girls how to surf. Little miss Tay Tay was finally reunited with JJ. She kept trying to kiss him out in the trampoline. Taylor would ask J if he was in love with her and if he said no then she would cry.
Bubs loves to walk on the surf and paddle boards

Carley would always tell Nikki, her best friend out here, that she wanted her to meet Ema because they were so alike to her. They even look similar. On this trip, Nikki was finally able to meet Ema and of course, they hit it off. Nikki fit right into the clan and they all had fun together.

Family Fun

We love to play at the church. We bring the kids' bikes, skateboards and sometimes cardboard and we invite friends. The kids have a great time running around, sliding down the hill, riding bikes and skateboards, and playing with friends. Jimmy likes to put the kids on the front of his skateboard and ride around with them. Carley also recently found a ripstick board at goodwill for only $10 so we bought it. Now we have that to ride around with also.
Cary made apple carrot muffins so the kids displayed them on a mini muffin stand. We ate them before heading over to the church.

Carley riding around with Justus 
We have also been able to ride our bikes around kailua. It's fun to go to friends' houses, to the store, to the library etc now that we have a bike trailer for Bubbas. If the girls don't feel like riding, sometimes they hop in the trailer too. In this picture, we were riding home from the Speed's house after swimming there. Bubs fell asleep on taylor. It was very cute. She has been doing such a good job helping and looking after him. She loves to be silly, play games with, and make him laugh. She can be a very sweet big sister.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

My 33rd birthday

What a great day today. First, jimmy set up a surf session with friends. We went out to flat island, it was sunny, beautiful, with no wind and warm water. The waves were fun and I got to surf with my two favorite people. Jenni and TD :) and Gavin was there too (whom we also love). Then, I came home and jimmy and the girls totally surprised me because jimmy had removed the old yucky carpet int eh living room! I couldn't believe it! There was linoleum under the carpet! So now we can clean that room easier! I was totally shocked that he had done that for me. Then, Jimmy watched all the kids while I went shopping at target for myself (to get some new sleeping shirts) and a few other things that I really wanted. I was able to get a new skillet (our non stick layer is wearing out) and a new bathing suit bottom (I've had this particular one since before Carley was born and its elastic is shot). Then, I came home and we went out to dinner with John and Jenni to the California Liza kitchen. John ended up paying which was super nice of him, and we had a great time. Then, to top it all off, Jenni , me and jimmy all went and saw pitch perfect 2. It was a fun movie. I also got a card from my norther curt and his family, my mom and my sister Lindsay. Jimmy provided an amazing birthday weekend. Yesterday I had to work on my birthday, but my favorite part of my birthday is always getting the birthday phone calls from my family and loved ones. Man,