Monday, June 27, 2016


Jimmy's birthday extravaganza! We ate at Whole Foods and then headed over to the church so we could sled the hill. We had quite a turn out of people too! We ate ice cream and sang to Jimmy.
A picture of the cardboard ramp Jimmy made that we used again for a FHE.
Bubs and Valen in the pool outside. Jimmy will connect the hose to the outside sink and out warm water in the pool.

Bubs' birthday potluck at the church. Kids rode around the parking lot in bikes and scooters and we potlucked 

Dress up time for the babies

May Day!

Carley's grade did a hula with their ipus that they made by hand
And Taylor's did a Japanese dance and song 


We like to read 
Sometimes before the kids go to bed

Easter Egg Hunt At Kailua Beach Park

We rode our bikes to Kailia Beach behind the Kalapawai market. 
Lindsay picked out an outfit for Bubs to wear

The firls were ready for the egg hunt!

The spoils of the hunt! 


Carley and Nikki like to sleep in Carley's bed together when she sleeps over. Nikki always passes out really fast as soon as she lays down and closes her eyes.
It was fill-your-own-container day at 7-11 so the kids brought their Halloween candy buckets

Monday, June 20, 2016

Spinal Meningitis

The kids had been sick with committing and fevers. Then Taylor got it and she was not in good shape! She had a very bad headache that kept her up off and on throughout the whole night, vomiting, and she had some photophobia. Jimmy took her to the doctors and they gave her Zofran and said it might be a migraine. Then on Sunday, while I was at work, I started getting a headache, chills, and started feeling crappy. I made it through the the last few hours of work and ate a small dinner and went to bed. I didn't even wash my face or brush my teeth. The headache got worse and I started throwing up. I threw up until there was not even bile left. I wasn't in good shape. Jimmy wanted to take me to the hospital, but I kept trying to take medications to make it better but ended up throwing them up. Finally, I got up to go to the bathroom and he convinced me while I was up. I didn't know how I'd make it to the hospital but we got there. I was a bit embarrassed that I had puke breath, hadn't showered, and was still in my clothes from the night before, but I couldn't do anymore than get there with Jimmy's help. Eric took me right back to a room and triaged me there. I was tearful when I told him my symptoms and he started my IV. Heather, Lisa, James, Rie and Erin Smith took care of me and eventually did a lumbar puncture which turned out positive for meningitis. I got some pain meds and headache meds and they shipped me upstairs. 

I have been so grateful for the compassionate care they all have to me. I was lucky to have them. It inspires me to be the best nurse I can be!
My view was awesome from my room
They didn't know if I had viral or bacterial yet so I was on all sorts of powerful antibiotics and steroids and pain meds when I needed them
And I was on isolation precautions
I fumbled my way through a shower with a giant glove on to cover my IV and without being able to bend that arm very well. Luckily Jimmy came to help me
I was on continuous heart monitoring for 3 days and they said my heart rate would drop into the low 40's at night.

And they finally let me eat after two days. Jello was my first meal and it tasted great! I was on IV fluids the whole time I was there and I had to pee often but I wasn't allowed out of my bed without a staff member. So almost everyone they came into my room I asked to pee!

Through this whole thing I have been super grateful for my husband and my in-laws for running the whole house. I have been either in the hospital or worthless when I got home because I have to be laying down so much! Lynda has done so much laundry and so many dishes! And they keep entertaining the kids for me. I appreciate them. First the lice, then the stomach flu, now the meningitis! I hope we don't scare them off :)

The Flight to Molokai

They flew on a little 10 seater propeller plane. Jimmy said it was pretty windy and that Taylor held his hand the whole time.

Snorkeling on Molokai